If you’ve invested in a piece of handmade furniture, you’ll want to make sure it’s well taken care of. Below is our guide on how to care for your new furniture.

Working with Metal

All our metal products are coated using a powder coating process, either with a transparent or colored surface treatment. Powder coating is known for its high durability and provides the ultimate level of protection.

Maintenance of metal surfaces requires no special steps other than regular cleaning. For this purpose, a damp cloth or dust cloth is sufficient. It’s important to avoid using abrasive materials such as Scotchbrite sponges as they can damage the coating.

Do not use any chemicals as they may cause dullness or even damage to the surface finish.

In case the coating is scratched, revealing bare metal, it will be necessary to repair it using lacquer or wax to prevent corrosion.

It’s important to note that items with powder coating will corrode more quickly if exposed to high moisture content, such as in bathrooms or when placed outside.

Our products fall into the category of “Vintage Industrial” design-inspired, so some imperfections, such as rust stains, may contribute to their overall appearance.

Working with Wood

Care must be taken with solid wood. Avoid direct sunlight as it can cause fading of the wood finishes used.

Wood reacts to the surrounding environment with moisture. Do not place furniture directly in front of intense heat sources such as wood stoves or radiators as this can dry out the wood and cause cracking or deformation.

We use various types of wood in the production of our furniture, including oak, walnut, and pine, which have been thoroughly dried in a kiln. This ensures that the wood has the optimal moisture level before being turned into furniture.

All our wooden products are treated with transparent oil unless otherwise stated. This oil provides a durable water and heat-resistant coating that helps protect wooden surfaces.

In case of damage to the oiled surface, the affected area can be lightly sanded and then re-oiled. However, we recommend entrusting this type of repair to a local professional with appropriate experience.

Hardwood will require regular application of transparent oil to maintain its appearance. We recommend oiling it 2 – 4 times a year, depending on the environment and frequency of use. Transparent oil is available at most paint and varnish stores. Follow the instructions on the label, or contact us directly for specific assistance.

All our furniture is carefully and multi-layered oiled before leaving our workshop, so you can enjoy a long-lasting great appearance.

Do not use harsh abrasive agents, solvent-based cleaners, or silicone to clean our furniture. For routine cleaning, use only natural furniture polish or a lightly dampened cloth.

To prevent surface damage to table tops, we recommend using coasters under plates and glasses. Tablecloths can also be useful in case of increased risk of spillage, such as during dinner.