Metal Surface Treatment

All our steel is manually polished raw steel and is commonly used with a transparent powder coating. We use steel powder coating equipment – we will be happy to provide more information. We check the quality of materials upon arrival at our workshop and just before they leave our facility. If the steel does not meet our standards, we do not accept it. However, due to the “industrial style” of our products, we cannot guarantee that every piece of steel will be “perfect,” and some may have minor imperfections.

Oil Shades

Oil penetrates deeply into the wood, reviving it, giving it color, and strengthening its natural structure. The shade and final appearance of the oiled surface depend on the type of wood. An oiled surface repels water and dirt and is easier to clean. It does not create a film, bubbles, or peel as a result of wood shrinkage or swelling.

Oils are made from natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly and safe.

201 - Natural


202 - Walnut


203 - Teak


204 - Rosewood


205 - Gray


Wood Type and Color

Our carefully selected palette of wood colors is available for customizing your new furniture. For a natural look, simply choose a transparent finish, or if you have trouble deciding, choose any combination of colors.







Wood Patina

We have 3 different levels of patina, from fine to coarse. Whether you want a clean and modern look or a worn and rustic one, you can choose the right appearance. All these options are carefully sanded and create a smooth surface.

Light Patina


Imperfections, knots, and small cracks are left to appreciate.

Medium Patina


Several dents and stains are carefully applied to achieve a natural aging look.

Heavy Patina


Carefully applied patina on the top and edges provides a very rustic appearance.


We check the quality of the glass upon arrival at the workshop and just before it is shipped to the customer. We only send glass that meets our standards. However, due to the nature of this material, we cannot guarantee that every piece of glass that leaves our workshop will be “perfect,” and some may have minor imperfections.