Syndrome Design - Furniture not only in an industrial style for home and business

Welcome to our world of craftsmanship and design! Our passion and dedication to furniture and interior design allow us to create unique and stylish spaces for our clients.

Custom Production of Industrial and Rustic Furniture

Our craft workshop is where unique pieces of furniture are born, combining industrial rawness with rustic elegance. Our skilled craft community works with various materials and techniques to create furniture that surpasses standard boundaries.

Design Consultation and Visualizations

Our experienced designers are here to help you realize your vision. With their expert advice and creative approach, we will create concepts and visualizations that will captivate you before the project even begins.

Renovation of Old Furniture

Old furniture can come to life beautifully with a bit of love and creativity. Our craftsmen have rich experience in renovating old furniture pieces, giving them a new life and a fresh look that will amaze you.

Collaboration with Experts

Our collaboration with various craftsmen, such as electricians, designers, architects, glassmakers, and upholsterers, allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for your projects. Together, we create harmonious and functional interiors.

Enter the world where crafts and design danced together and created something magical. We look forward to being part of your next project.



100 % original – for the same order, we do not repeat the exact production process.


We exclusively use solid wood and alloy steel.


With a strong team of designers and customer support, we always ensure a smooth order process.

Recycling and Sustainability in Our Work - Creating New Furniture from History

At Syndrom Design, we have always sought ways to combine beauty, functionality, and sustainability in our work. One of our fundamental commitments is the recycling of old furniture and its transformation into new pieces that are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly.

Revitalization of Old Furniture

Our craftsmen have exceptional talent for restoring and transforming old furniture. Each piece that comes into our workshop with signs of wear and tear is a new opportunity for us to create something unique. From restoring historical pieces to modern reinterpretations, we work with every detail to maintain their beauty and character.

Synthetic Upholstery Materials

With environmental considerations in mind, we exclusively use synthetic upholstery materials. These materials are not only resistant to everyday wear but also environmentally sustainable. By using synthetic fabrics, we protect natural resources and reduce our footprint on the planet.

Wood from Renewable Sources

Our love for wooden materials is reflected in our care for nature. All wooden components of our furniture come from renewable wood sources. We carefully select and monitor processes to ensure that our wood is harvested and processed with sustainability in mind.

Recycle, Innovate, and Protect

Our goal is to provide you with furniture that is not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly. Recycling and innovation are our philosophy. We want our creations to serve not only you but also our planet. We believe that every step we take towards sustainability matters.

With our furniture, you can be confident that you are investing in quality, beauty, and the future of our planet. Together, we can make a difference.